I have 22x Motorola Ham Radios, and 2x 6-Port Motorola Base Station Chargers. Take your pick of radios for 15 each, or 5x radios for just 60 Most of the batteries work, but do not hold a charge for very long. You can get new batteries for 15 each.Or take EVERYTHING for 150This will go to the first person to bring cash.
87ft rohnn 25 or 45 strong tower great for internet or ham or cb or two way radios $400 u remove it in waco tx gin pole is available call
I have 2 sets of browning golden eagles. Both are mark 4. Alligned. Fresh tubes. New electrolitic caps. Should provide several years of entertainment. These are not ebay B-S. Or sold untested. Cant find the microphone. Cant find the power cord. Ect etc excuses to sell junk. I talk on these daily. They were professionally re capped. Alligned. Etc etc. they work great. I will take videos of them ...
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